Kevin & Sally Music & Drama Expo London
Kevin & Sally Music & Drama Expo London

Coloroke - The 4 Super-F.A.S.T! Ways To Teach & Learn - Mentor & Motivate - Sing & Play By PLAYING!

Kara-oke = Empty-Orchestra = Sing on your own. But Not Here! We are The Color-oke Music Club! We Sing, Play, Learn, Sight-Read, Share, Teach, Mentor, Make Music - TOGETHER! How we learn? We make it Super-F.A.S.T! That's Fun - Accessible - SENsory - Teachable!
The 4 Super-F.A.S.T! Ways To Music Making Magic!
Color x 2 = Your Rainbow Words/Lyrics Guide EVERY Note You Sing + Your Sight-Reading Spectrum SuperStaff Matches Your Singing & Guides EVERY Note & Chord You Play.
Oke x 2 = Your Singing, Rhythm Teaching Tapping, Dancing T-Shirt Living Orchestra Keyboards and Fretboards Lets You Learn to Play by PLAYING + Your Smiley Solfege Do Re & Me! The Happy Family (Curwen/Kodaly) Hand Sign Conductors Lets You Sing, Dance, Move and Learn in ANY Key.
The Coloroke Music Club is much more than just for Music Makers - of all ages: It's our Mummy, Masters & Maestro Music Mentors Club too where the Family & Friends all learn to play and motivate each other on the amazing journey of Music Education - Your Home, Club, Charity and School Teaching and Learning Club of The Emoji School of Music.
Who can learn? With our Triple A AIME! That's Accessible Inclusive Music Education - For All Ages - All Abilities - All Aptitudes.
Our Vision - Get it right for the 20% who have Music Learning Difficulties - And you REALLY get it right for the 80% who are faced with Music Learning is just REALLY Difficult!

Our Story

After a Dyslexic (Kevin) and Dyscalculia (Sally) lifetime of frustration for both of us trying to read and play music and an early attempt to add colour to black and white music notation we hit on fun, colourful and awesome use of the Picture and Global Visual Langauge of Emojis. From a simple Rainbow Staff, TABS and Notes and pictures using a Red A Apple we were led to using the awesome power of Emojis with 6 BILLION sent every day on Messenger alone! Why Emojis? To do three things to make Music Learning Super-F.A.S.T! See our School site
1/ E=Picture Use the power of Emoji Pictures for Key Notes with the A Red Apple to G Violet G Rainbow.
2/ MOJI=Character Use the wonder of Smiley Faces for the Solfege Do Re Me + For the Moveable Mode Symbols with The Happy (Major) Family
3/ MOJI = Characters of our Teachers and making learning FUN! Like Mr. Muscle Memory and our Teachaers Pets - Claude the Crab, Stretchy the Spider, SticKey Fingers the Frog and more!
We had a Beta Concept launch in 2018 at the BETT Show British Education Technology and Training - and a Partner Product Launch at The London Music and Drama Expo 2019. That's us on our stand - with lots of prototype books, sheet music, The Song Code PLAYING Wheels and Apps. We're working on getting it all out to the world! Want to help? See below.
Our Emojis are courtesy EmojiOne world leading designer of emojis who say "Fantastic idea...the concept is pretty amazing!"

Meet the Team

Here we are. The Teachers and Mentors at The Emoji School of Music.

The Dynamic Dyslexic -

Founder & Chief Innovator

Hello from me - Kevin M Thomson - or my Emoji! - with the Dyslexia friendly blue tinted glasses.

Dot Dyscalculia


It's a big Hello from me - Sally Thomson - my Emoji - with Stars in my Eyes - Playing by PLAYING!

Mr Muscle Memory

Chief Memory Maker

Kevin Invented ME! That's Music Education ME! I'm O.L.L.I.E it stands for Over-Learning & Locked-In-Exercises as a way to learn best NOW and remember - FOR LIFE!

Poly-SENsory The Parrot

Chief Colour Chordinator!

My job is to make The Hi-5! FUN and Multi-SENsory so everyone can choose their best way to learn - Visually - Reading, Vocally - Singing, Verbally- Teaching and Viscerally - that's with FEELING! The Hi 5! are our Letters, Colours, Characters, Lines & Spaces and (Velcro Coins) Ruffy's and Fluffy's!

Claude The Crab

Master The 4 Chord Trick With Me!

I say "Teach The Hand - The Head Will Learn From ME!" With my Claude The Crab Hand you can make any Major or Minor Chord and Play THOUSANDS OF SONGS with the 3 & 4 Chord Tricks!

Stretchy The Spider

7th Heaven Chord Maker

My job is to make your job EASIER! To teach your hand how to make even more Magic Making Music with those extra notes you have to STRETCH to play!

Happy Do!

Head of The Happy Family

My Happy Family of Magic Music Makers is here to do two things - to let you SING and MOVE with Our Solfege (Curwen'Kodaly) Hand Signs - and to let you PLAY NOTES AND CHORDS IN ANY KEY with our Movable Moods 'n Modes Board.

Folksy Re!

I'm Folksy - Miss D. Orian The Dorian.

I'm the Irish one that lets you SING and MOVE to the 2nd Notes in a song with my Hand Signs AND Start on me to play Folksy Music in what's called the Dorian Mode

Gypsy ME!

The Spanish Flamenco Mode Mover

Like the Snorting Bull my Passion is to help you SING and DANCE as you learn to Play By PLAYING. And if you start a tune on me then it will be like you are transported to a hot land of Spanish Style Music.

Truly Madly Deeply - Maja

Head of Home Teachers & Mummy Mentors

If you need help with our Happy Family to make yours a Happy Music Making Family the we're here to do that. Music brings more than pleasure to kids and adults - it brings health and wellbeing. That's what I am Truly Madly Deeply determined to help you to do - for my family and yours.

Bella The Spelling Bee!

Head of Alpha-Musi-Bet Teaching! Learn to SPELL and PLAY by SPELLING

Music is a Language built on 7 Letters A to G. And you can SPELL lots of words with ME! And learn to SING and PLAY and SIGHT-READ with my ACE Spelling Bee Games and Coloring Books.

SticKey Fingers The Frog!

I'm The SticKey Fingers Head of Leap Learning!

Jump around and PLAY lots of Chords in Different Ways - That's my Job - To Teach you how to Play By PLAYING and having FUN!

What Next...

We're working with our Team like Maja The Mummy Mentor and Bella with B's Music Spelling Bee and other partners to take The Coloroke Music Club to everyone we can - with or without learning or life's other difficulties and disabilities. Want to help take us to the world then contact us